Factors that affect the software development process

Clock on the table with Laptop and Pen holder.

Client thinks that developing a software is just like copy paste code from the internet and give it (deliver) to him. But it is not that easy when it comes to the playground.

Giving an estimation to a software application development is challenging. There are many factors to consider when it comes to real. Following common facts that are affected the most software development process go wild. 

  • Underestimation (most common one)
  • Employee issue – Experience, Unexpected leaves, Late attendance, Daily productivity outcome
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Don’t use open Wi-Fi networks.

Modern days, we need internet access on the go. Therefore we don’t think twice to connect to free open Wi-Fi at Library, Coffee shop, Airport and public places. But you don’t think or you don’t know how much your data and your relative’s data on risk . You may think, you have nothing for hackers but sometimes they don’t take anything from you. They use your device to attack his main target in somewhere else. It is like a boy becomes friend with his crush’s friend first.

Most hackers use different types of traps to catch you. Open Wi-Fi trap is one of them. When you in Coffee Shop, you meet a wifi network called “Darwin”, they put the same name with saying “Darwin-FREE” or “Darwin-Public”. Then you don’t think twice to connect to it. The Hacker is waiting for you to come in. Instantly they can attack your device to get full access without even knowing you. All your data in risk if you are in an open Wi-Fi network.

Avoid connecting to open networks. Most mobile devices have an option called “Auto-Join” which may connect open networks automatically. Check it and disable. Hope you guys got an idea from this and believe consider this.

Image credits https://bit.ly/3a6Dwqn

Writer: Sampath