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Factors that affect the software development process

Client thinks that developing a software is just like copy paste code from the internet and give it (deliver) to him. But it is not that easy when it comes to the playground.

Giving an estimation to a software application development is challenging. There are many factors to consider when it comes to real. Following common facts that are affected the most software development process go wild. 

  • Underestimation (most common one)
  • Employee issue – Experience, Unexpected leaves, Late attendance, Daily productivity outcome
  • The time takes to develop and finalise prototypes/mockups.
  • Software platform and environment issues.
  • Unexpected or unplanned  performance issues, scalability problems, testability issues and maintainability problems.
  • Detail research required.
  • Customer requests and unplanned defected.
  • Administration, Infrastructure, Communication, Confirmation delays and related issues.

Most of the above facts are directly affect the estimation of the software development process. But most of these can be reduced or avoided completely based on the experience of the company. Most experienced software development companies apply different types of methods to give a more accurate estimation (smooth the process). 

Also there are methods that used to speedup development process. Early risk management, Integrating CI/CD, Source controlling, using best practices and there are many strategies they use to minimise mistake they made in estimation and development process.  

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